Organic Ear Mite Treatment
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For Equine, Pets & Exotic Animals:
Neutralizes and kills ear mites, bacteria, funguses and other ear problems.

ALL-In-One Ear Treatment is an effective ear solution that will neutralize and help clear-up outer and deep ear infections including ear mites.
ALL-In-One Ear Treatment contains natural Antibacterial, antifungal properties which promotes healthy ears. It is highly effective in neutralizing & cleansing yeast infections, oozing ears, stinky ears and killing ear mites.

For chronic ear infections in dogs or cats where the ear infection returns again and again there finally is a practical solution, Ear-Neutralizer provides soothing relief to any animal experiencing discomfort and pain from ear problems.
Some of the symptoms you should watch for is your animal inching & scratching their ears, shaking their heads and swollen ears are just some of the symptoms you will notice your animal doing.

Ear Mite Treatment:
Ear mites can be dispatched easily and quickly. The first issue is to Kill the mites, neutralize them quickly. Put 4 drops in each ear then put a few drops on a soft cloth and clean the ear thoroughly. Recommended use is three times your first day, then use as needed.

Ear Infection Treatment:
Put 4 drops in each ear canal, then with a soft clean cloth put a few drops and clean out the ear thoroughly. Use 3 times daily to neutralize & stop infection. Continue using until you see the results you want to achieve.

Ear wash:
Clean ears are less susceptible to infection. Remember to clean your animals ears daily and especially when they get wet from bathing or swimming. Keep the ears clean – remove debris, wax and dust from the animal’s ears using the ear-Neutralizer. Use as often as needed.

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All-In-One Ear Mite Treatment

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