Cedar Factory Non-Thermal UV Fogger
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Designed to control flying insects and other pests that inhabit your indoor structures. This light weight six pound hand held ULTRA LOW VOLUME CEDAR OIL NON-THERMAL UV FOGGER MACHINE emits a "Chemical Free" COLD FOG that will penetrate the hardest to reach points in your home, barn, yard, or poultry house. Easy to carry about or just set it up as a stationery unit on your back porch to rid your space free from Mosquito, No-See-Um, Flea and other flying pests. Use it as a AIR DUCT cleaner to rid your furnace or AC of dust mites and odor causing bacteria. The adjustable VMD (droplet size) allows for wet or dry fog applications that can be used safely inside or in open air conditions.

The CEDAR FACTORY NON-THERMAL UV FOGGER MACHINE is a must for any hotel/motel restaurant, business or household that is subject to biting or crawling insects. For inside Flea, Bed Bug, Scorpion infestations use Cedar-All fluid to effectively eliminate the problem with a one time treatment. Used by the Hospitality Industry to rid rooms from insects and excessive tobacco odor. The actual measurable air space between spheres is reduced as the circumference size of the droplet is decreased.

Fill the fogger reservoir with the ready to use Cedar-All. It is suggested that a adjustable VMD (volumetric mean diameter) Tri-Jet Fogger be used to facilitate both dry and wet fog applications. This adjustment will enable the operator to adjust the size of fog droplet being discharged from the fogging machine. Prior to fogging it is suggested that the seams and tucks of the mattress and any other cloth material be rolled back and treated with a mist or spray. The mattress should be removed from the bed so that both sides and total coverage of the surface can be treated. Using a dry to medium wet fog discharge, treat directly on the mattress, box spring and headboard. Repeat the same application to all cloth covered furniture insuring that at minimum, a slight dampness of solution is detectable.

Working backward from the far end of the room, and aiming the fogger at the floor areas, disperse a wet fog over all Carpet, wood flooring and tile areas. Be sure to direct the fog under furniture and into corners and at least twenty four inches up from the floor area of any drapes in the room. Disperse a fog directly into any cupboards, drawers or closets. The amount of approximately 1 gallon of solution per one thousand square foot of surface area is suggested to insure a 100 % elimination and prevention of immediate re-infestation of insects. For control of mites it is necessary to fog all drapes, curtains and closet clothing.

Be sure adequate amounts of Cedar-All are discharged into the air of each room. Remove the furnace filter from the cold air return and with the air handler circulating air throughout the structure discharge into the return air cavity. This will circulate the fog throughout the structure killing all bacteria and dust mites in the duct work leading to all areas of the home. Before leaving the rooms start the air conditioner unit or air circulator and allow it to circulate the air in the room. This will eliminate any dust mites in the AC system. Replacing the filter is recommended. It is suggested that each room be closed and the fog allowed to settle for approximately 2 hours before occupation. Any overwhelming aromas will dissipate in a matter of 6 hours. The structure can be aired out if desired but it is suggested it be kept closed for at least two hours after treatment to enable a pheromone interruption event to impair and destroy the insects mental capacities and triggering their subsequent death.

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Cedar Factory Non-Thermal UV Fogger

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