Cedar Guard Lawn & Garden Spray 32oz
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Cedar Guard (Concentrated Formula)
Solve your flea & tick problem once and for all… There is no reason to treat your pet at home if you treat the real problem! Spray your lawn with Cedar Guard lawn & garden treatment! Our products perform three critical functions for controlling fleas, ticks and other non-beneficial insects in your environment.

  • It kills, neutralizes & repels the existing adult insect population in your lawn.
  • It eliminates the next & largest generation of insect concerns, the eggs and larvae by dehydrating the exoskeleton which interrupts the egg layer cycle.
  • Finally it creates a barrier of re-entry deterring insects trying to migrate from other areas outside the perimeter back into your area of control. Perpetual egg layers are immediately controlled because of this barrier, if the adults won’t enter the treated area, then they can’t or won’t lay any eggs. This barrier results in the ultimate non-toxic solution to eradicate the insect populations in treated areas.

Cedar Guard out-door flea & tick control is a 100% Bio-Based insect neutralizer with natural Bacteria, mildew and fungus fighting properties. It is EPA EXEMPT from federal registration (25b product) 85% cedar oil 15% ethyl lactate. It poses no harm to the environment, pets, farm animals, water ways, soil, farms, crops, expecting mothers and their unborn child or infants and children. Cedar Guard technology provides a high level of arthropod and other insect knockdown while its residual subsequently acts as a repellent.
Cedar Guard is a water soluble compound formulated using organic inerts that promote micron size VMD (droplets) beneficial for use in typical PCO insect control methods such as compression or pressure spray delivery. The chemical free solution will not stain. The Cedar Aroma creates a "Barrier of Entry" making treated areas off limits to non-beneficial insects in your lawns and home. The bio solvent influenced cedar oil will dissolve insect egg and larvae by eroding the exoskeleton and cuticle, promoting rapid dehydration. Egg-layer cycles are further interrupted by pheromone interference with the insect’s octopamine neuro receptors, and the next generation of arthropod is thereby eliminated. The formulation will not separate.

Dilution Ratio's: vary from backyards at 4 ounces concentrate to one gallon water while using a larger applicator you can dilute at 1 gallon concentrate to 200 gallon water tank which can be used effectively to control insects such as Ants, Mosquito's, Flies, Moths, Grubs, Army Worms, Mole Crickets, Fleas, Ticks, Chiggers, Grasshoppers, White Fly, Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Mites, Citrus Rust Mite, nematodes, bark beetles, darkling beetles, Japanese Beetle, June Bugs, Box elder Bugs, Aphids, Scale, Stink Bugs, Bag Worms, Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Slugs, Snails, and numerous other flying, crawling and subterranean pests including termites of all species.
Cedar Guard is also an organic Bactericide and fungicide and will effectively control Powdery Mildew and other related fungal organisms such as Brown Patch, Take All Patch, Dollar Spot and other Turf Yellowing disease. As a larvacide, it will destroy both egg and larvae in standing water and other areas. Cedar Guard is effective in control of heat seeking and pheromone driven venomous snakes including but not limited to Coral, Rattler, Water Moccasin, Copper Head and others. Cedar Guard is approved for use in organic farming protocol “FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTION” No protective clothing is necessary. When applying Cedar Guard to any crops, or grasses it should be done in the morning or early evening times. Applications should be avoided in the middle of the afternoon due to the heat and direct sun. Cedar Guard can be applied as a drench, foliar spray or through an out-door fumigation agenda. Application rates will vary depending on the apparatus used to deliver the product. During a heavy insect season you can apply as often as needed. We suggest you wash down the side of your structures working from the building outward. The first application is the most important and the objective is to make sure a liberal soak is accomplished to all areas including but not limited to the flower beds, shrubbery, grass and concrete areas and any standing water. Maintenance treatments should be followed up every 15 to 20 days during insect season. We recommend 1/20 pound bag (5000 sq. ft. coverage area) of Cedar saw dust.

Grub worm treatments: You need to saturate this area to penetrate deep into the soil. 20 gallon Hose end sprayer--- Mix 8oz. in cup (your first application) 6 oz. thereafter, fill remaining cup with water, makes 20 gallons of out-door insect control. 1 application covers approximately 4000-5000sq. ft. 1 Quart is enough for 5 applications 1 Gallon is enough for 21 applications Pump up sprayers---Mix 4 ounces of concentrate into one gallon of water. Stir well and spray about an hour before sundown.

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Cedar Guard Lawn & Garden Spray 32oz

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