Cedar Oil Bed Bug Eliminator 32 oz
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Bed Bug Eliminator
Kills bed bugs within 45 seconds and their eggs

BED BUG ELIMINATOR: is a genuine BIO based insect control agent. There are no chemicals used in the process of making this product. Just food grade aromatic Red Cedar Oil and Melted Quartz Rock. It commands INSTANT DEATH to Bed Bugs. It can also be used to control other arthropods, Fleas, Ants, Roaches, Scorpions, Mosqitoes, Chiggers, Flies and other non-benificial insects.
With 100% mortality to Bed Bugs and Fleas or both in under 1 minute.

Remove all sheets, bedding, clothing and any other material products and wash in hot water and dry in clothes dryer. For regular monthly agenda's use a hand held or backpack sprayer. Spray insect control solution under beds, mattresses, dressers, closets, bed frames, cracks, baseboards and floors. For serious Bed Bug infestations we recommend using our non-thermal UV fogger. After spraying or fumigating allow to sit for 48 hours before wiping or vacuming, this will allow the product to dehydrate the eggs.

**DO NOT SPRAY AROUND EXOTIC PET BIRDS, RODENTS, SNAKES, FERRETS. Remove them from structure and allow them to return in a few hours when rooms are aired out.
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Cedar Oil Bed Bug Eliminator 32 oz

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